Lanika Solutions product offerings address a wide range of applications such as: Model-Based Design and Simulation; Model-Based Testing and Validation of Simulink, Stateflow, TargetLink and C Code; Engine Calibration; Design of Experiments; Optical Design and Simulation; Computational Materials Engineering; Image Processing; CT and Microscopy Image Data Visualization and Analysis; 2D-5D Microscopy Image Visualization and Analysis; AI and Big Data; Robotics; E-Mobility; et al. in the Industries and Academia related to:

Automotive; Industrial Automation and Machinery; Transportation; Metals, Materials and Mining; Biotech and Pharmaceuticals; Medical Devices; Life/Biological Science; Food Science; Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences; Energy; Oil & Gas; Technical Services; et al.

User Stories



Software Testing & Validation


The Reactis tool suite of Reactive Systems, Inc., substantially enhances the gains organizations realize from model-based design by automating many testing and validation activities. Reactis works with models implemented in the Simulink/Stateflow notation offered by MathWorks. Build better embedded software faster. Generate tests from Simulink models. Detect runtime errors. Execute and debug Simulink models. Track coverage. Automate functional testing of requirements. Check conformance of code to model.

Reactis for C Plugin

Reactis for C Plugin integrates seamlessly with Reactis to offer white-box testing and validation of the C-code portions of models (S-Functions and calls to C from Stateflow). Together Reactis and Reactis for C Plugin automate the generation of test data from, and validation of models constructed with Simulink, Stateflow, and C code.

Reactis for EML Plugin

The Reactis for EML Plugin integrates seamlessly with Reactis to offer white-box testing and validation of the Embedded MATLAB portions of models (e.g. MATLAB Function blocks). Together Reactis and the Reactis for EML Plugin automate the generation of test data from, and validation of models constructed with Simulink, Stateflow, and Embedded MATLAB code.

Reactis for C

Reactis for C is an automated debugging and test-generation tool which discovers defects in C programs using the Reactis Simulate/Test/Validate paradigm. It generates comprehensive yet compact tests from C code, detects runtime errors, and tracks coverage (Statement, Decision, Condition, MC/DC, MCC). The test suites provide comprehensive yet concise coverage of different test-quality metrics.

Reactis Model Inspector

The Reactis Model Inspector offers a low-cost lightweight Simulink® viewer that lets you easily explore models and the testing artifacts created for them with Reactis®. Model Inspector directly reads mdl/slx files produced by Simulink and rsi and rst files produced by Reactis. The tool is aimed at members of an engineering team who need to review Simulink models or testing artifacts but not generate tests or debug the model.

Optical Analysis & Simulation

ASAP NextGen

ASAP is the time-proven standard in optical software, offering unmatched capability, flexibility, speed, and accuracy. ASAP will accurately predict the real-world performance of virtually any optical system. ASAP® NextGen is powered by the ASAP non-sequential raytracing engine – known throughout the optics industry for its accuracy and efficiency. Perform the analyses necessary to validate your designs without experimental prototyping. ASAP NextGen is a new paradigm in optical simulation software for predicting the real-world performance of automotive lighting, imaging systems, luminaires, lightpipes, bio-optic systems, medical devices, displays and coherent systems.


APEX add-in for the SolidWorks 3D-modeling environment is based on our ASAP raytracing engine, and enables the design and analysis of optical/illumination systems using an easy-to-follow workflow. With the full power and sophistication of SolidWorks in APEX, there is no need to translate, bridge or link between two separate programs. In APEX, you learn, create, design, and analyze in the same program environment, and that environment is all about ease of use. APEX seamlessly melds the worlds of computer-aided design and optical engineering, resulting in an “optics aware” design application.


ReflectorCAD® is a paradigm-shifting reflector design tool which allows users to make graphical adjustments to the luminous intensity pattern corresponding to individual reflector segments. A graphical change to the luminous intensity pattern of a reflector segment results in automatic changes to the prescription of that segment. With easy, click-and-drag construction and analysis of segmented reflectors, ReflectorCAD greatly reduces the time required to go from creative concept, to proven design, to prototype.

Light Intensity Meter

The Luminous Intensity Meter (LIM) is a portable, battery-powered meteorology instrument that measures light intensity emissions. LIM is capable of measuring several different photometric quantities.  These quantities include: source intensity in candelas (candlepower), eye illuminance in footcandles, or lux and luminance in nits. Many lights are too bright or too intense and are inherently unsafe for use at night.  LIM is a simple, safe and effective way to measure night lights in stadiums, parks, residential areas — and more — to ensure the lights meet the safety specifications required.

Gas Detection Sensor

The Gas Detection Sensor (GDS) is an aircraft / helicopter mountable, two-phased gas/leak detection sensor.  The GDS provides documentation and traceability via the internal Video and HD Cameras.  GDS uses a sample of the gas of interest as a spectral filter.

Metallurgical Processing Solutions


MatCalc is a software package for computer simulation of phase transformation and microstructure evolution in metallic systems. MatCalc is aimed at supporting you in the fields of materials development, simulation and optimization of materials processing and analysis and interpretation of metallurgical problems. MatCalc 6 models the whole materials design and fabrication process, covering the three main areas of multicomponent thermodynamics, precipitation kinetics and microstructural evolution. MatCalc is already successfully utilized in academia, research and industry.

3D Visualization & Analysis


Avizo Software for CT And Microscopy Image Data Visualization And Analysis. Analysis and visualization of your imaging data allows better understanding of your materials structure, properties and performances. No matter what scale and data modality you use, your organization profile, Thermo Scientific Avizo provides optimized workflows for advanced materials characterization and quality control from a single environment. Avizo is universal, reliable, fully automatable and customizable digital analytical labs.


Amira Software is a powerful, comprehensive, and versatile 2D–5D solution for visualizing, analyzing and understanding life science and biomedical research data from many image modalities, including Optical and Electron Microscopy, CT, MRI and other imaging techniques. With incredible speed and flexibility, Amira supports advanced 2D–5D bioimaging workflows in research areas ranging from structural and cellular biology to tissue imaging, neuroscience, preclinical imaging and bioengineering.


PerGeos Software is a unique solution for Digital Rock Analysis trusted by Oil & Gas peers. Its visualization, processing, and analysis of 2D and 3D digital rock imagery enables improved evaluation of reservoir quality and faster understanding of static and dynamic rock properties that impact production. Digital Rock encompasses a multi-disciplinary approach involving advanced microscopy and physics combined with geology, geochemistry, petrophysics, and petroleum engineering to understand the pore-scale microstructure of reservoir rock.

Open Inventor

Open Inventor™ is a commercial 3D software development toolkit (SDK) for professional applications in Medical & Dental, Oil & Gas, Engineering. Its object-oriented API, its extensible architecture, and its large set of advanced components provide software developers with a high-level platform for rapid integration of 2D/3D data visualization and processing capabilities into industrial and scientific applications.



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